1998 bmw m3 convertible

How much is a 1998 BMW m3 worth?

1998 BMW M3 Value – $1,309-$5,840 | Edmunds.

Is the BMW m3 a reliable car?

The BMW M3 Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 29th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars . The average annual repair cost is $1,161 which means it has poor ownership costs. Repairs are more frequent and more lkely to be severe than the average car , which means you can expect more major repairs for the M3 .

Will the e36 m3 become a classic?

The BMW E36 M3 has become a cult car as well as one of the most popular track day cars in the world. You could say the E36 M3 is the outlaw of the M3 family. This car is destined to be a well sought-after classic and collectible.

Are BMW e46 m3 going up in value?

Simple. Both cars are also very tough to find unmodified, with the E46 M3 being far more difficult. So until the original M3 and M5 get up past six-figures, we don’t see those two doing it. But there’s no question, they will continue to rise in value .

Why is BMW m3 so expensive?

As with most goods in a free market economy, the M3 is priced at a level that the seller ( BMW ) believes the market will bear, i.e. maximize profit by selling as many as they can without leaving unsold inventory. BMW is easily selling all the M3’s they can make, so by that measure it’s not too expensive .

What is the most reliable BMW m3?

E90 /E92 M3 Reliability The S55 engine in the F80, in early 2019, is still too new to truly know how reliable it is. So for the time being, I am going to crown the S65 as the most reliable M3 engine that has been made to date.

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Is BMW e36 a classic?

Robust enough for many to still be in daily use, the BMW E36 3-Series ushered in a new era of BMW coupes. They make a fine modern classic today. The third-generation ‘ E36 ‘ BMW 3-Series has been around for a long time now – they first appeared in 1991 after all.

Is BMW e46 m3 reliable?

The E46 M3 has had quite a checkered past with a few major issues plaguing the otherwise relatively spotless reliability of this oddly simple car. First and foremost, check the rear subframe for cracks or tears in the metal surrounding the mounts.

Is an e46 m3 a good investment?

The BMW M3 E46 was offered as a coupe or a convertible. It was the first M3 to come with unique side air vents, it was powered by the all-new 3.2-liter engine and it was lighter and faster than the previous generation. The BMW M3 E46 could be a good “ investment ” because these cars are an affordable blast from the past.

Is the e46 m3 a good car?

The M3 E46 is not only an excelent car for its time. It is still astonishingly good for modern standards. There may be faster options on the straight line, such as a regular BMW 335i or 135i, but based on my experience, what you lose in terms of performance, you gain in experience with an E46 M3 .

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