1999 bmw 323i problems

Is a 2000 BMW 323i a good car?

Best car I have ever owned! Bought a 2000 323i 2 months ago, and it has been the best car I have ever owned. the 323i is a little slow, 0-60 in ~8s, but its handling makes up for it over and over.

What is the difference between BMW 323i and 328i?

# The 328i gets larger brake rotors 11.8″ in front; 11.6″ in rear. The 323i gets smaller brake rotors 11.3″ in front; 10.9″ in rear. Just for reference, an E36 M3 has 12.4″ in front; 12.3″ in rear. # The 328i gets Chrome and body-color detail trim.

What kind of oil does a 1999 BMW 323i take?

Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40 1 Quart.

What is a 2000 BMW 323i worth?

2000 BMW 3 Series 323i Pricing and Spec Configurations You could expect to pay $7,700 – 11,880 based on third party pricing data.

What is high mileage for a BMW?

High miles is no real problem especially for a BMW but saying that the car has to have been looked after well and regularly serviced with some if not full service history but most components do need replacement after 100000 miles on BMW cars so make sure to do thorough checks on one around that mileage.

How many miles can a 2000 BMW 323i last?

Registered. tim330i said: If you stay on top of maintenance I would think it could last 200,000 miles or more. There are E30s and E36s with 200,000-300,000 miles running around.

What’s the difference between a BMW 325i and 328i?

325i engine has 2.5 liter displacement, while the 328i has 3.0L displacement Flashing the car will surely void BMW warranty. In the E46 era, the 325i was the upgrade of the 323i, while the 330i was the upgrade of the 328i .

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How much oil does a 1999 BMW 323i take?

Registered. You have the M52TU engine which should be the same as the M54 engines, 6.5 liters, or 6.9 quarts.

What oil does a BMW 323i take?

5W-30 Pento High Performance is a fully synthetic high performance engine oil, developed for the most recent vehicles with extended oil service intervals.

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 BMW 323i take?

6.9 qts

What series is a 2000 BMW 323i?

BMW 3 Series 323i

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