2017 bmw x3 length

Is a 2017 BMW x3 reliable?

The 2017 BMW X3 is one of the best luxury compact SUVs on the market. It has an above-average predicted reliability rating, a classy interior , and a powertrain that will satisfy most drivers. No SUV is perfect, however.

How many feet long is a BMW x3?


What year BMW x3 is the most reliable?


How much is a 2017 BMW x3?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a 2017 BMW X3 sDrive28i begins slightly under $40,000 ; add about $2,000 to that if you want the all-wheel-drive X3 xDrive28i . If diesel efficiency is more important, the X3 xDrive28d SUV will cost more initially, over $43,000 .

Is BMW x3 expensive to maintain?

Per Your Mechanic, the estimated average cost to repair a BMW X3 is $318, which includes the average cost for maintenance . Maintenance and repair costs range from $80 to $4473, with oil changes being the most common service you’ll likely pay for on your vehicle.

What goes wrong with BMW x3?

Unfortunately, the most popular engine choice in the X3 , the 2.0-litre diesel, is proving to be the most troublesome. Problems on the turbo diesels don’t stop there, though, as turbocharger failures are common on both the 2.0- and 3.0-litre units, mainly as a result of oil feed supply pipes becoming blocked over time.

Is the BMW x3 a good car?

The 2021 BMW X3 ranks at the top of the luxury compact SUV class because of its spacious interior, easy-to-use features, strong engine performance, poised handling, and good predicted reliability.

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Does BMW x3 have power outlet?

A 115-volt power outlet has also been integrated in the setup. The 2019 BMW X3 has been designed to include roof rails, 18-inch wheels, automatic wipers, and LED headlights. It also has been equipped with other design highlights like the power -tailgate, and power -folding side mirrors.

What is the ground clearance of a BMW x3?

8.0 in

Why are used BMW x3 so cheap?

Besides the cost of maintenance and repair making most used BMWs significantly less “ cheap ” than you would first expect there is also the insurance and gas prices to consider. Insurance is typically higher on BMWs , although it depends on how old the vehicle is you are interested in.

Why are BMW x3 so cheap?

One of the reasons that BMWs are so cheap is that the used market for them is oversaturated. Cars are products, just like any other, and when there’s a lot of supply and not as much demand, then the prices drop.

What is the best color for BMW x3?

BMW X3 Mineral White If you love to get the peaceful car color. Then you can opt for the Mineral White . It is the lightest and clam car color for the BMW X3. It makes the look of the owner more ravishing in the BMW car.

Does 2017 BMW x3 have Apple CarPlay?

The good The 2017 BMW X3 offers an impressive head-up display and connected navigation system, along with support for Apple CarPlay .

How much can a 2017 BMW x3 tow?

Bmw’s 2017 x3 has a towing package that makes it able to tow upwards of 3,500 lbs . and have a tongue window upwards of 350 lbs. additionally, the 2017 bmw x3 generates 258 to 300 lb-ft.

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How much should I pay for a 2019 BMW x3?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the X3 sDrive30i starts just under $42,000, while the all-wheel-drive xDrive30i starts closer to $44,000. The more powerful, 6-cylinder X3 M40i is a significant jump in price, starting over $55,000.

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