2017 bmw x5 mpg

Is the 2017 BMW x5 reliable?

How Reliable Is the 2017 BMW X5 ? The 2017 X5 has a predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of five. A score of three is considered average for a used vehicle.

What BMW gets the best gas mileage?

Which BMW Car Has the Highest Gas Mileage? The new 2019 BMW 3 Series and 2019 BMW 5 Series both return up to 36 highway mpg, making them the most fuel-efficient BMW cars. The rest of the pack isn’t far behind though, as popular BMW vehicles like the 2 Series and BMW 4 Series both return over 30 highway mpg.

How much fuel does a BMW x5 use?

The X5 has average fuel consumption figures for the class. The diesel 30d gets claimed fuel economy of up to 37.7mpg, with the petrol 40i recording 27.2mpg (both WLTP combined).

What does mpg mean on BMW?

miles per gallon

What problems do BMW x5 have?

The BMW X5. One problem many BMWs have faced is water leaking from the drain tubes in the sunroof. Whether the water comes from a car wash or from sitting outside in a downpour of rain, the water won’t drain properly and finds its way into the interior of the vehicle.

What year is the most reliable BMW x5?

The most reliable tends to always be the last year of production. For the F15 that would be 2018 . Or the E70 2013 ? Of all the model years of the X5, the looks of the 2013 is heart-melting.

Are Audi good on gas?

In its most basic configuration, the Audi A4 returns 28 mpg in a combined cycle, 25 mpg in the city, and 34 mpg on the highway. Achieving those figures is with Audi’s time-tested Quattro all-wheel-drive system (front-wheel drive is no longer available for 2021).

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Are Mercedes Benz good on gas?

Mercedes – Benz C-Class In the C 300 4MATIC® Sedan, you get a wonderful 22 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway. In the C 300 4MATIC® Coupe you also get great gas mileage if you prefer a two-door coupe over a sedan. The C 300 4MATIC® Coupe gets 22 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway.

Are BMW bad on gas?

In general, modern-day BMWs are average when it comes to gas mileage. There are no BMW models that have exceptional fuel mileage compared to their peers. The 2020 3 Series has a respectable average gas mileage at 29 miles per gallon. Whereas the 2020 X5 only gets an average of 23 miles per gallon.

Is it expensive to maintain a BMW x5?

The annual maintenance cost of a BMW X5 is $1,166. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

How many miles will an x5 BMW last?

BMW’s in-line 6 engines have been around for a long time and are very reliable if you keep up the maintenance. It is all of the other stuff that breaks that will make you get rid of the car. We still have my wife’s 2005 X5 3.0 and it has over 120,000 miles .

Is BMW x5 expensive to run?

There won’t be an X5 that’s truly cheap to run . After all, something’s got to power that huge body around. Unsurprisingly the petrols will be costly to run thanks to high fuel consumption. Fuel economy.

Petrol engines 20.8 – 28.2 mpg
Plug-in hybrid petrol engines 201.8 – 235.4 mpg
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Is 25 miles per gallon good?

Type of Vehicle You might think the Accord gets the better fuel economy; however, the 25 mpg combined with a sports car is a solid number.

Is 22 mpg good for a car?

If the car /truck is rated then 22 then 22 is good . If it is rated 30 and your only getting 22 then there might be a problem. Depends on your vehicle . For a 2019 Mazda Miata roadster, 22 mpg would be poor.

Is 22 mpg city good?

22 -26 mpg is normal. Because that’s what my first and only car gets when I drive it. Gas mileage correlates with car size and power. Bigger and more powerful cars are a lot more expensive to own in Europe, and not just because of higher fuel consumption.

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