Audi a4 vs bmw 3 series vs mercedes c class

Which is better Audi a4 or Mercedes C Class?

The Audi A4 is the more practical package, with a larger cabin, better fuel economy, and the rugged Allroad in the wings. It rings up substantially cheaper, too. The Mercedes – Benz C – Class likes to flaunt its luxury heritage, with swoopy lines (especially in coupe form) and a more powerful engine lineup.

Is BMW 3 Series better than Mercedes C Class?

BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes – Benz C – Class Comparison 3 Series has 1998 cc (Petrol top model) engine, while C – Class has 3982 cc (Petrol top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the 3 Series has a mileage of 19.62 kmpl (Diesel top model)> and the C – Class has a mileage of 12.6 kmpl (Diesel top model).

Which car is better Audi BMW or Mercedes?

COMFORTABLE DRIVING EXPERIENCE Although Audi and BMW models are premium and offer a level of ride quality above mainstream car brands, they still can’t compete on the same level as Mercedes . Mercedes cars are designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience for both driver and passengers.

Which is the best car BMW or Mercedes Benz or Audi?

3 Series Vs C-Class Vs A4 – Which model is Cheapest?

Summary BMW 3 Series Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Manufacturer BMW Mercedes-Benz
Body Type Sedan Sedan
Mileage 16.13 Kmpl 14.49 Kmpl
Power 255 bhp 201 bhp

Should I buy BMW or Mercedes?

Most of BMWs cars are lighter than a typical Mercedes – Benz vehicle, which makes them easier to maneuver around tight corners and with aggressive driving. When it comes to engine sizes, Mercedes – Benz tops the list, but remember that a larger engine without maneuverability can cause problems when you’re driving.

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Which is better BMW or Mercedes?

While the Mercedes – Benz CLS-Class is one of the highest performing large luxury sedans on the road today, the overall winner when it comes to luxury performance is BMW . Any consumer looking for style and performance in the same convenient package should choose a vehicle produced by BMW .

Which is cheaper to maintain BMW or Mercedes?

Yes, BMW’s maintenance cost after the warranty is more expensive than many other brands – luxury or not. A BMW can cost about $5,000 more to maintain over a 10-year period than a Mercedes – Benz , and $12,000 more than a Toyota.

Is a BMW or Mercedes more reliable?

BMW sits in the middle with Mercedes being the most reliable , therefor the cheapest. But for Mercedes – Benz , the more expensive models were the least expensive to fix, likely having to do with better build quality and reliability . When getting into specific routine repairs and components, things get even messier.

Is a Mercedes better than an Audi?

Since Audi is all about all-wheel drive, and Mercedes only offers all-wheel drive on some of its models, Audi is an obvious choice when it comes to performance and reliability. Speaking of which, Audi also beat out Mercedes in Consumer Reports’ road test as being a much more reliable brand over Mercedes .

Should I buy a BMW or Audi?

Winner: BMW BMW beats Audi when it comes to safety across its lineup. BMW’s overall average brand safety score is 9.76 out of 10, compared to Audi’s 9.68. All crash-tested 2018 BMW and Audi models earn a U.S. News safety score of 9.3 or better.

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What is the best German car brand?

Top 5 German Car Brands Volkswagen . Volkswagen owns almost everything. Mercedes-Benz . Mercedes-Benz , also referred to as “ Mercedes ” or “ Merc ”. has revolutionised motoring in many ways and they aren’t all obvious at first. BMW . The “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Audi . Porsche .

Which is cheaper to maintain Audi or Mercedes?

Mercedes – Benz vs. Audi maintenance cost: Mercedes – Benz vehicles cost $12,900 to maintain , $500 more than Audi . Lexus vs. Lexus is generally considered the least expensive luxury car to maintain .

Which German car is most reliable?

10 Most Reliable German Cars Porsche 911. Audi A5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class . BMW 2 Series . Audi A4 . BMW 4 Series. Mercedes-Benz CLA. Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Why is Audi resale value so low?

Audi sales plummeted as fear levels rose in the U.S. Obviously, no one wanted Audi’s not even dealers on trade-in. This is what caused Audi’s to have such a low resale value . It has nothing at all to do with their quality, reliability, etc.

Which is more luxurious Audi or Mercedes?

Winner: Mercedes – Benz Both brands’ luxury midsize cars are elegant, comfortable, and feisty contenders, but the Mercedes E-Class just edges out the Audi A6 in our ratings.

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