Bmw 1 series m for sale

Why is the BMW 1m so expensive?

Because it’s “peak fun” for BMW M cars. Everything they’ve made after is faster, but much more sterile-feeling. So there is strong and persistent demand for used 1M’s . Combine that with the very limited production numbers, and you get a high price.

Why was the BMW 1 Series discontinued?

BMW used to offer the previous 1 Series hatchback in India but discontinued the model due to its lacklustre sales performance. Also, as of now, there’s been no official announcement about the new 1 Series coming to India. Click here for all BMW models, prices, reviews, images, videos and more.

Is BMW 1 Series worth it?

Verdict. As the only rear-wheel-drive model in the segment, the 1 Series is great to drive. The 1 Series is a premium product and while it’s not the best for value in this class, there’s still plenty to like about it.

How many miles can a BMW 1 series last?

A BMW is am extremely well engineered car with a reputation of dependability, and if it has had proper maintenance will go 200,000 without major problems.

Is BMW 1m collectible?

As long as you’d been able to resist piling too many miles on to it during the coming happy years, you could now sell your BMW 1M Coupe and trouser a small profit. BMW’s pugnacious and stroppy-looking four-seat coupe is one of those very rare modern cars that has not lost value as it’s aged, but actually accrued it.

Why is BMW so expensive?

BMW is a jerman car manufacturer company and they are well known for the luxury, comfort and technology. Because of their best ever luxury cars and technology they have made their image of a high class brand and that’s why they are expensive .

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What is the difference between BMW Series 1 and 2?

For example, the 1 Series only offers rear parking sensors, while the 2 Series boasts front and rear sensors. The 2 Series also offers a forward-collision alert system with automatic braking, which isn’t available in the 1 Series .

Where are BMW 1 Series built?


Will BMW bring back the 1 Series?

As before, we won’t get the 1 – series hatchback in the United States—if you want a compact, front-wheel-drive-based BMW , you’ve gotta buy a crossover. But BMW is launching a 2- series Gran Coupe based on the same platform later this year, which will be a swoopy four-door to go after the Mercedes-Benz CLA.

Is a BMW 1 Series expensive to maintain?

The general consensus amongst mechanics and drivers is yes, BMWs are expensive to repair . The BMW 5 Series cost an average of £585 per year to maintain , while the BMW 1 Series came in at £518, followed by the BMW 3 Series at £486.

Is a BMW 1 Series a girl car?

Yes its a girls car , so that means that all the men in this forum are girly men. and that also means that the 1M is even more a girly than the 135i. So hurry up and buy one already.

Is a BMW 1 Series expensive to insure?

BMW 1 Series models can range between insurance groups 12 and 41, with those in insurance group 12 being relatively cheap to insure , and those in insurance group 41 being a lot more expensive .

Should I buy a BMW with 150k miles?

If you’re buying used, the two extremes of the price range are the best. Newer models with 20k-40k miles are solid choices, because they’ve not been around long enough to be abused (in most cases). Old models that have 150k miles on them and still run great will probably still last because they’ve made it this far.

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What’s high mileage for a BMW?

Sometimes you’re better off getting a really high (200k+ mile) car than a lower mileage car – although you’ll definitely want records of what has been replaced. BMW’s are known for having generally reliable engines, but lots of maintenance items that wear out in 60–120k miles.

Do BMW engines last long?

BMW engines can and will run into the 200k miles range as long as you maintain them above BMW standards. I’ve seen an E30 325 with 280k miles and the engine was all original.

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