Bmw e36 m3 specs

How much HP does a e36 m3 have?

With a power output of 240 kW (322 hp ), the M3 -R is the most powerful production E36 M3 .

What year e36 m3 is best?

There are no particular best years to look for, though the last 1999 models are occasionally in better condition simply because of the age. Since even the youngest M3s will now be a decade and a half old, mileage is only one part of the story of any car.

What does m3 mean on a BMW?

But that was BMW’s only mid-engine production car. Now they say the M in M3 and M5 stands for “motorsport”.

Is the e36 m3 reliable?

BMW E36 M3 Reliability Like any BMW , these cars are great and relatively problem free IF they were taken care of by the previous owner. However, buying one nowadays means the car probably has well past 100k miles.

Which is the best m3?

Best BMW M3 Special Editions Of All Time The BMW M3 is arguably one of the most iconic sports sedans ever made, the one that inspired the C63 AMG, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and the Audi RS4. F80 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition. E92 BMW M3 GTS. E90 BMW M3 CRT. F80 BMW M3 30 Jahre Edition. E46 BMW M3 GTR. E46 BMW M3 CSL. E92 BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition.

How much does an e36 m3 weigh?

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E36 M3 (96-99) F80 M3 (15+)
Horsepower 360 550
Torque 300 550
Weight 3,219 lbs 3,516 lbs (DCT)
HP to Weight 8.94 lb/hp 6.39 lb/hp
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Are e36 m3 going up in value?

The E36 is already rising in value from its near rock-bottom pricing that has persisted over the last ten years.

What is the best e36?

Not only is the 328is a coupe, the best looking of all the E36 body styles, it sports with the best non-M engine the E36 ever came with, the M52 2.8 liter naturally-aspirated inline-six, with 190 hp.

Is e36 easy to work?

They’re gonna be more expensive than your Miata to fix parts-wise, but they’re still relatively easy to work on yourself. The E30 and E36 are the last easy to work on and commonly reliable BMW’s due to being more mechanical and less electronically controlled.

Is m3 faster than m4?

Which car is faster ? BMW M3 vs M4 . Given that both cars utilize an identical engine and drivetrain in the current generation, depending on the transmission you choose, the M4 would be the faster car due to its weight loss over the M3 .

Why did BMW discontinue the m3?

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the current ‘F80’ BMW M3 will bow out much earlier than expected. This August, to be specific, and it’s a result of the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, or ‘WLTP’.

Is the BMW m3 GTR real?

BMW E46 M3 GTR – One of the most limited production models ever produced. The BMW E46 M3 GTR came to life in February 2001 and was the first M3 in the history of the company to feature a V8 engine.

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What is the cheapest M Series?

Unfortunately, the cheapest M car , the M2, starts at $51,700. You shouldn’t be forced to spend more than $50,000 to get an M-badged BMW. On the used market, you don’t have to.

Why is BMW m3 so popular?

Luxury: Despite all of the power, all of the performance and all of the driving dynamics, the M3 is still a pretty luxurious car. Its seats are superbly comfortable, it has excellent modern technology, has a (relatively) compliant ride and can easily be driven everyday.

How long does BMW m3 last?

150,000 to 200,000 miles

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