Bmw paint codes by vin

Can you find paint code with VIN number?

Checking the Paint code using the Vehicle Identification Number . Apart from using the Car Information Sticker, you can use VIN to get the paint code . However, the VIN can ‘t give you the paint code directly. Using the car’s VIN , you can search for specific data about your vehicle.

How do I decode my BMW VIN number?

How to Decode a BMW VIN ? WBA = Manufacturer (Germany) VD13 = Model Code (3 series F30 328i N26) 5 = Restraint System (Class E) 7 = Security Code. 6 = Model Year (2013) K = Plant (Munich, Germany) 106219 = Production Sequence.

How do I find the color code of my car?

Location: The paint colour code tag is usually located inside the glove box or in the wheel well, but it can also be found on the driver’s side door jamb, under the driver’s seat or in the passenger sun visor.

Where is GM paint code on Vin?

The auto paint color code for most GM vehicles will be located on a sticker labeled Parts Identification. The code can start with BC/CC followed by a U, or a WA with a four-digit number/letter combination.

How do I find my BMW color code?

The most popular location to find the BMW paint code is on the engine bay’s left side. You will find the paint code on the label near the strut tower. On newer BMWs, the paint code is printed on a sticker with the VIN on the driver’s door jamb.

How do I know what model BMW I have?

Although your vehicles model number is clearly badged on the rear of your BMW , they are further categorised internally into E / F and G model codes. This three digit combination will usually allow specialists or dealers to identify the body style, model and approx age.

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Where is the paint code on a BMW 3 Series?

Find Your 3 Series Color & Paint Code BMW color codes can be on the firewall, on the radiator support, on the door jamb, in the trunk.

What do BEHR color codes mean?

CL=Yellow Oxide. DL=Phthalo Green. EL=Phthalo Blue. FL=Red Iron Oxide. IL=Brown Iron Oxide.

How do you read GM VIN code?

How to Read GM VIN Code Paint Locate the service parts identification sticker on the GM vehicle. Read the bottom line in the series of numbers on the sticker. Write down BC and the number following it. Write down CC on a piece of paper to note that the vehicle has a top layer of clear coat paint to add a mirror-like image.

Where is the RPO code on a VIN number?

Yes, you can use a site such as, or you can take that VIN number to a GM dealer parts department and they can run a VIS report that will show all RPOs for the VIN .

What does the 8th digit in a VIN number mean?

The 8th Eighth Digit in the VIN Vehicle Identification Number Indicates Engine.

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