E30 bmw for sale

How much is a BMW e30 worth?

What’s the current price of a BMW E30? The average cost of a BMW E30 is $9,791 , but that includes all the models like the M3 and grey-marketing Touring versions as well as the lower end 318i.

How much is a BMW e30 in South Africa?

R 40 000 For Sale Bmw e30 318 m10 auto.

How much does a BMW e30 m3 cost?

BMW E30 M3 sells for AU $350k online.

What makes the BMW e30 so special?

Only Four-Cylinder M3 The E30 BMW M3 was the first ever M3 and it’s also the only one to have a four-cylinder engine. Every M3 since has had either a straight-six or, in the sole case of the E90/E92, a V8. So that makes the E30 M3 even more special that it already is .

Is e30 worth buying?

Whether you want a classic car for the weekends, or a daily for commuting to work or school, the E30 is a great choice. If you get a good example, and keep up maintenance, these cars can easily go past 250,000 miles on an original engine. If you want space, you can go for the Sedan or Touring (euro only).

Is the BMW e30 reliable?

For $5k you should be able to get a nice, well cared for E30 . Reliability on them, like almost all BMWs of the era, is very good.for a 24 year old or older car.

How many e30 m3 are left?

Of the 5,300 examples of the E30 M3 produced to North American specification, just 185 were produced for Canada and the remaining 5,115 were sold in the United States. How many E30 M3s were produced for Japan?

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Why is BMW m3 so expensive?

As with most goods in a free market economy, the M3 is priced at a level that the seller ( BMW ) believes the market will bear, i.e. maximize profit by selling as many as they can without leaving unsold inventory. BMW is easily selling all the M3’s they can make, so by that measure it’s not too expensive .

What is an e46 m3?

The M3 version of the E46 3 Series was produced in coupé and convertible body styles. The E46 M3 is powered by the S54 straight-six engine and has a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 5.1 seconds for the coupé, with either the manual or SMG-II transmission.

How many BMW e30 are left?


E30 M3 1 (100.0%) 100,487 mi

How much does it cost to restore a BMW e30?

If that’s what you are aiming for then around $10,000 is probably a safe bet. My current E30 build is a heavily modified 1991 318is. I paid $4500 for the car and I’ve spend another $15,000 on it so far .

Are BMW e30 easy to work on?

They are easy to work on , but half of that ease comes from the simplicity of the engine. That m54 is a really nice engine, but it is much more complex than an m20 because of all the electronics.

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