How much does a bmw service cost

How much does it cost to service a BMW 3 Series?

BMW 3 Series Full Service cost

Independent garage estimate Franchise dealer estimate
£190 – £330 £391 – £559 Get exact price
£175 – £275 £373 – £492 Get exact price
£186 – £302 £385 – £525 Get exact price
£173 – £270 £371 – £487 Get exact price

What does a full BMW service include?

BMW Service Inclusive covers the cost of parts, labour and fluids for the following service items: engine oil service , engine oil top-up, air filter, micro filter, fuel filter (diesel models only) and spark plugs. BMW Service Inclusive is transferable to subsequent owners of the car but not transferable to another car.

How much is a full BMW service UK?

How much does a BMW service cost?

Engine Size
0cc-1400cc Over 3000cc
Interim Service Plus MOT from £99.00 from £163.00
Full Service from £150.00 from £215.00
Full Service Plus MOT from £175.00 from £240.00

How much does it cost to do an oil change on a BMW?

A BMW oil change cost can fluctuate based on your particular model and where you live. It is possible that a luxury vehicle oil change can cost around $100.

Can I get my BMW oil change anywhere?

Well, the short answer is: yes, you can take your BMW to any mechanic you want for service and oil changes .

Why is BMW so cheap?

One of the reasons that BMWs are so cheap is that the used market for them is oversaturated. Cars are products, just like any other, and when there’s a lot of supply and not as much demand, then the prices drop.

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Is it worth to buy a used BMW?

The biggest advantage of buying a pre-owned expensive car is that the first owner takes a big depreciation hit. The same applies to BMW cars too, but in this case, the first owner does not need to pay much (or anything at all) for maintenance if he opts the one of those “BS” maintenance packages.

How many miles can a BMW last for?

Usually 200,000 -250,000 miles with good maintenance.

How do I know if my BMW needs a service?

If your BMW is equipped with the latest iDrive System; From the main screen, scroll to ‘Vehicle Information’, then ‘vehicle status’, and then ‘ service required’. From this menu, you will be able to scroll through a list of options including things like ‘engine oil’, ‘vehicle check ‘ , and ‘front brake pads’.

How often should I get my BMW serviced?

This is called the “Safety & Oil Service ” that BMW usually recommends that you do every 15,000 miles or 12 months. It involves verifying the function of many of your car’s basic components, including the brakes, horn, windshield wipers, engine coolant, rubber belts, suspension and tires.

Does BMW still offer free maintenance?

In fact, the BMW Maintenance Program* is one of the most comprehensive programs in its class and it offers the longest coverage period. We cover all factory-recommended maintenance at no charge for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, as well as items that need replacement due to regular wear and tear.

How often does a BMW need an oil change?

every 15,000 miles

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Are BMW oil changes more expensive?

Owners of non-European or luxury cars can get away with oil and filter changes for about $40. But the average cost for BMW 328i oil change , for instance, is between $135 and $175, says Repair Pal. Some estimates place this higher, up to $250.

How much does it cost to tune up a BMW?

On average, BMW owners can expect to pay between $150 to $400 per service every 10,000 miles. A major service can cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more.

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